Lewiston Adult Ed has many courses to choose from, in an array of different topics of interest.

Our online course catalog is updated frequently, and it will show the availability of a course as either OPEN or Closed. If a course is listed as full, please contact our registration office as availability may change.


Addiction — What Should You Know? Matusiak, Aga Closed/Full
Alcohol Painting Gatcomb, Pam Open
ATV Safety Mayo, Mike Closed/Full
Basic California Roll Ofuji, Keiko Open
Basic Needle Felting Connolly, Lisa Open
Beginner’s Fitness A Rush, Nicole Open
Beginner’s Fitness B Rush, Nicole Closed/Full
Beginners Vinyasa Flow Audette, Heidi Open
Beginning Civics and Election 2016 Vallone, Jayson Closed/Full
Body Language Yates, Greg Closed/Full
Breads and Rolls Greenwood-Jones, Lorelei Open
Breaking Bad Stress Ecker, Elaine Open
Canning and Preservation McCarty, Kate Open
Cassarole Carrier Chessie, Martha Closed/Full
Certified Nursing Assistant Barker, Gloria Closed/Full
Chair Caning Spencer, Robin Open
Computer Literacy Caron, Victor Open
Computers for Beginners Tyler, Amy Closed/Full
Contemporary Government County, Kathy Closed/Full
CPR, First Aid, and AED Training Vining, Michel Open
Critical Reading and Technical Writing Gilbert, Angela Closed/Full
Crochet: Basic Doucette-Chasse, Lina Closed/Full
Crochet: Intermediate Projects Doucette-Chasse, Lina Open
Cut the Christmas Clutter Morris, Britt Open
Dance Fitness Chamberland, Nicole Open
Digital Photography Poisson, John Closed/Full
Evolutionary Power Sellinger, Debra Ann Closed/Full
Excel I Yates, Greg Open
Excel II Yates, Greg Open
Family Tree Fundamentals Robbins, Beverly; Peres, Marcela Open
Fermenting Vegetables McCarty, Kate Open
Floor Cloths Rug Making Gatcomb, Pam Open
Food Truck Smith, Randy Open
Get Organized Now! Morris, Britt Open
Getting Drones Ready for Takeoff Welborn, Mark, Lt. Col, USAF (retired) Closed/Full
Growing Your Garden Into Late Fall Conlogue, Chris Closed/Full
Halloween Costume Workshop Kenneally, Nancy Closed/Full
Hard Apple Cider Cowles, Pam Closed/Full
How & Why to Keep Bees in Top Bar Hives Hemenway, Christy Closed/Full
How to Be an Instructor Reagan, Michael Open
Hunter Safety Mayo, Mike Closed/Full
Introduction and Demonstration of Robotics for Young Beginners Richards, Mark Closed/Full
Introduction to Metaphysics and Meditation Minkowsky, Stasia Open
Kitchen Herbs Basics Conlogue, Chris Open
Landlord Tenant Law 101 Dyer, Matthew Open
Lewiston Mill History Elze, Alan Closed/Full
Making Great Beer at Home Johnson, Sylvia Open
Meditation Audet, Heidi Open
Mushroom Foraging Carver, Jon Open
Nutrition and Fitness Rush, Nicole Closed/Full
Office Certificate with Customer Service Specialty Yates, Greg Open
Open Art Studio Rasmussen, Jette Open
Parents in the Know McAlonan, Bridget Closed/Full
Personal Computers Preventative Maintenance Yates, Greg Open
Poetry Payne, Genevieve Open
Preparing a Back Yard for Birds Hitchcox, Doug Open
Quilting Bee Connolly, Lisa Closed/Full
Retirement Has Changed Morrison, Mark Open
Rug Braiding I Derenburger, Beth Closed/Full
Rug Braiding II Derenburger, Beth Closed/Full
Salsa and Guacamole Blakey, Jennifer Open
Scams and Safety Murphy, Detective Tom Open
Scones and Focaccia Greenwood-Jones, Lorelei Closed/Full
Scrapbooking on a Budget Connolly, Lisa Closed/Full
Silk Scarves Gatcomb, Pam Open
Six Feet Under: Funeral Choices Lakin, Chuck Open
Small Engine & Power Equipment Repair Hussey, Richard Closed/Full
Smartphone and Tablet Devices for iOS Dawes, Adam Closed/Full
Smartphone and Tablet Devices, Android Dawes, Adam Closed/Full
Soft Pretzels and Bagels Greenwood-Jones, Lorelei Open
Standing Guard Morrison, Mark Open
Staying Healthy Charles, Dr. Colette Open
Stormy Weather Jensenius, John Open
Supporting LGBT Loved Ones Harnden, Cindy Closed/Full
Taste of Vietnam Pratt, Zach Closed/Full
Tax-Free Investing Morrison, Mark Open
Thai Cooking: Beginner Bunleng, Junlong Open
Thai Cooking: Intermediate Bunleng, Junlong Open
The Joy of Oil Painting Robichaud, Claire Closed/Full
Topics in Algebra Choate, Karen Open
Trash to Cash: Selling on eBay to Etsy Connolly, Lisa Open
U.S. History County, Kathy Closed/Full
Wedding Dance Prep James, Neil Closed/Full
Weight Wars Sellinger, Debra Ana Closed/Full
Welding I Cyr, Michael Open
Welding II Clements, John Open
West Coast Swing: Beginner Teixeira, Shan Open
Wet Felting Gatcomb, Pam Open
What You Need To Know About Social Security Newport, Elizabeth Open
Wine Making 101 Johnson, Sylvia Closed/Full
Wool Drying Basket Chessie, Martha Closed/Full
WordPress Hill, Scott Closed/Full