Lewiston Adult Ed has many courses to choose from, in an array of different topics of interest.

Our online course catalog is updated frequently, and it will show the availability of a course as either OPEN or Closed. If a course is listed as full, please contact our registration office as availability may change.


Antiques Appraisal Duprey, Larry Open
ATV Safety Mayo, Mike Closed/Full
Basic Arabic Ismael, Yahya Closed/Full
Basic California Roll Ofuji, Keiko Open
Basic Fruit Beers Johnson, Sylvia Open
Beginners Vinyasa Flow Audet, Heidi Open
Berries Handley, David Closed/Full
Breathing and Meditation Audet, Heidi Open
Certified Nursing Assistant Barker, Gloria Open
Cleaning Up at a Yard Sale Without Getting Cleaned Out Morris, Britt Open
Cold Frames and Growing Indoors Conlogue, Chris Open
Computer Literacy Caron, Victor Closed/Full
Computers for Seniors Caron, Victor Open
CPR, First Aid, and AED Training Vining, Michel Closed/Full
Crochet a Mermaid Sleeping Bag Doucette-Chasse, Lina Closed/Full
Cuban Salsa Golendukhina, Anna Closed/Full
Drawing by Observation Robichaud, Claire Open
Drying Food McCarty, Kate Open
Egyptian Cooking Ismael, Yahya Closed/Full
Extra Income Basics Carbajal, Melissa Closed/Full
Fighting Lyme Disease Lubelczyk, Charles B. Open
Filipino Food Truck Tremain, Jon; Tremain, Emily Open
Financial Services Certificate Yates, Greg Open
Food Truck with Pinky D’s Smith, Randy Open
Franco American History and Your Family Tree Parent, Fr. Robert Open
Fraud Prevention Morrison, Mark Open
Genealogy Lab Wright, Lin Open
Hard Cider Johnson, Sylvia Open
Healthy Apartments Bissonnette, Nicole; Dyer, Matt Open
Home Firearm Safety Mailhot, Don Open
How to Be an Instructor Reagan, Michael Open
Hunter Safety Mayo, Mike Open
Improv Tucker, Harold Open
Intermediate Excel Yates, Greg Closed/Full
Introduction to Excel Yates, Greg Open
Introduction to Metaphysics and Meditation Minkowsky, Stasia Open
Introduction to YouTube Reddy, Amy Open
Jazzy Pop Dance Chamberland, Nicole Open
Landlord Tenant Law 101 Dyer, Matthew Open
Latin Basics for Couples Golendukhina, Anna Closed/Full
Lobstering and Ocean Life Noury, Tom Open
Low-Impact Aerobics Jalbert, Sandy Closed/Full
Marketing Made Easy Carbajal, Melissa Open
Medical Specialist Medical Billing Provider Solutions Open
Meditation I A Minkowsky, Stasia Closed/Full
Meditation I B Minkowsky, Stasia Closed/Full
Meditation II A Minkowsky, Stasia Open
Meditation II B Minkowsky, Stasia Open
MS Office PowerPoint — Intro/Intermediate Yates, Greg Open
Muffin Basket Chessie, Martha Closed/Full
Notary Public Darveau, Jacob Open
Office Certificate with Customer Service Specialty Yates, Greg Open
Open Art Studio Rasmussen, Jette Open
Photography Tips from a Pro Dillingham, Russ Open
Planning Your Estate or Inheritance Morrison, Mark Open
Poetry Payne, Genevieve Open
Pruning and Grafting Fruit Trees Moran, Renae Open
Raising Chickens Jackson, Tori Open
Rug Braiding I Derenburger, Beth Open
Rug Braiding II Derenburger, Beth Open
Run Your Online Business in Your PJs Carbajal, Melissa Open
Seeds and Seedlings Conlogue, Chris Open
Simplify Your Supper — Use a Slow Cooker Savoie, Kathleen Open
Small Engine & Power Equipment Repair Hussey, Richard Closed/Full
Social Security and Health Care Morrison, Mark Closed/Full
Solar 101 Zuckerman, Sam Open
Spring Pressure Canning McCarty, Kate Open
Standup Comedy Workshop Tucker, Harold Open
Teddy Bear Crochet Doucette-Chasse, Lina Open
Thai Cooking: Beginner Bunleng, Junlong Open
Thai Vegetarian and Noodles Bunleng, Junlong Open
The Essentials of Quickbooks Yates, Greg Open
The Joy of Oil Painting Robichaud, Claire Closed/Full
Tips and Tools to Quit Smoking Dooling-Hamilton, Emily Closed/Full
Traditional Chair Caning Spencer, Robin Open
Understanding and Using Homeopathic Remedies Kottler, Stephen Open
Virtual Reality Brock, Camden; Dimmel, Dr. Justin Open
Welding I Cyr, Michael Closed/Full
Welding II Clements, John Closed/Full
West Coast Swing: Beginner Teixeira, Shan Open
What You Need To Know About Social Security Newport, Elizabeth Closed/Full
Wool Drying Basket Chessie, Martha Closed/Full
WordPress Hill, Scott Open